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by Teodora Sirko / Brothers Grimm

Under the disguise of a kind and well-meaning person, Rumpelstiltskin, a cunning dwarf, helps the miller’s daughter to spin straw into gold, thus saving her from the king’s punishment and offering her the chance to become queen. But he soon reveals his wicked nature, when he tries to take away the queen’s child ... read more
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The Twelve Dancing Princesses
by Teodora Sirko / Petre Ispirescu

The Twelve Dancing Princesses tells the story of 12 bewitched princesses, who are doomed to dance each night in a misterious castle till their shoes are worn out. No one knows where they go and what they do, not even the king, who vainly locks them in each night. The spell cast upon them can only be broken ... read more
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Aesop's Fables
by Teodora Sirko / Aesop

Each fable contains a short narrative which conveys a hidden meaning, which represents the moral of the story. The characters are mostly animals and they illustrate a human characteristic, through certain gestures and words. The purpose of the fables is the improvement of human conduct. They try to point out and ... read more
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